Saturday, August 19, 2017

How My Journey Started

My journey with essential oils began the summer of 2016. My husband became ill very suddenly and dramatically. He was in so much pain, was having swelling in his hands and legs, couldn’t eat and was so tired all the time.
Several doctors’ visits and 2nd and 3rd opinions. The doctors ruled out Lyme disease among other things and finally settled on an autoimmune disease, though they couldn’t decide exactly which one. They decided the best option for treatment was high doses of steroids. I work in medicine, veterinary medicine mind you, but I know the effects of high dose steroid use and long term steroid use on my patients. I was not willing to see my husband go down that road, especially without a definitive diagnosis.

So, I reached out to my friend Kay, God rest her soul. She helped me, she spoke with me about my husband’s symptoms and we came up with a plan to try using doTERRA essential oils.  He started using the oils along with a nutritional supplement and within a month he was back to 90% and in 2 months he was 100% himself again. It was at that point that I decided that maybe these oils really are as amazing as I had heard. 

Now we implement them in our daily lives. My son loves them, he wants them in his diffuser every night, any time he has a boo boo or a belly ache he wants to be there with me as I choose which oils would be best to help him. If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and the amazing things they can do for your family follow along with me on my journey as I share with you what we are doing with our family and essential oils.

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