Saturday, August 26, 2017

Helping My Mother

Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver. She has been hospitalized several times, on more than one occasion our family was told to be prepared for losing her. My mother is very cynical and was not interested in allowing me to help her with my oils in the beginning. I made her up roller bottles and left them with instructions but she wouldn't use them. After her last stay in the ICU she finally allowed me to try my oils with her.

Laying in the hospital bed, swollen and full of fluid, she was up to 180lbs. Her tiny, frail body was being crushed by the weight and sheer volume of fluid that had accumulated in her abdomen. She normally weighs in around 130lbs. She had 50lbs of fluid on her abdomen. She was in so much pain and she was scared, we all were. I went to the hospital and I called Kay when I pulled into the parking lot. I explained what was going on with my mom and she gave me some tips to try and help her. I also checked in my Modern Essentials and The Essential Life book and it concurred with what Kay had recommended. Armed with knowledge and hope I headed into my mother's room. She had compression bandages on her legs to help with the swelling and prevent blood clots. We removed the bandages and I massaged her feet and legs with a layering technique using Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemongrass, Helichrysum, Bergamot and Roman Chamomile, all diluted in fractionated coconut oil. I chose these oils due to their properties for helping heal the liver, detox the body and diuretic abilities. I repeated the foot massage a few hours later before I left. I also left a blend for my dad to apply as I had shown him. My mother came home from the hospital 2 days later, after the doctors had told us not to expect her to come home at all. They also told us she probably wouldn't make it 30 days. That was about 4 months ago.

My mother's health is improving, she's feeling better, she's walking without assistance. She's back down to her normal weight of about 130lbs. She uses her roller bottles with the blends I have made up for her. And the diffuser I gave her for Christmas this year, well it's always on when I go visit her now. We have an appointment next week to meet with a specialist to get her on the transplant list. Something the doctors told us would never happen, they never believed she would make it long enough to receive a transplant.

I can't prove that the essential oils helped my mother. I can see the correlation from the time she allowed me to use my oils with her to the dramatic improvement in her health. The fact that she is using them tells me that they are helping her. She's not one to "humor me" by going along with the oil use, if she didn't feel better using them, she wouldn't.

I am cautiously hopeful that my mother will see our son grow up, something that wasn't going to happen a few short months ago.

If you have a story of how essential oils have helped you please share it with me below in the comments.

If you would like to learn more about using essential oils or how they could help your family please reach out to me. I want to share what I have learned to help others keep their mothers around to see their grand babies grow up.

I highly recommend both of these books to anyone using essential oils.

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