Sunday, August 27, 2017

Choosing Your Oil Brand

Today I would like to talk with you about something that is really important to me and should also be important to you if your going to be using essential oils to help with your family's health and wellness, especially if you have children or those with illnesses that could be sensitive to things like pesticides, herbicides or fillers/fragrances. We're going to dig into a bit of a sticky issue today: choosing an oil provider.

If you've not been in the essential oil world for too long, you may not know this can be a controversial issue. People go to war over this. Seriously. It's crazy.

I'm here to say we can all be friends and even learn from each other even if we use different brands of essential oils. But, I am going to share with you about what types of things I looked for when choosing an essential oil company—and then I'll talk about the company I ultimately chose.

I looked for 3 primary qualities when choosing an essential oil company:
  • High quality and thoroughly tested oils
  • Affordability
  • A company that offers great customer service and support
1. Quality and Testing
  • The quality of the oils you are using is of upmost importance. If you are using oils on a regular basis and your children are around them, you want oils that are pure. You want oils that are not contaminated with pesticides and aren't diluted with "fillers." You want oils that have exactly what they say is in thems. Finding a brand like this, isn't as easy as it sounds.
  • Now, I’m not naive enough to think just one essential oil brand has the corner market on quality—that’s ridiculous. I do believe some brands are more consistent with quality. Some brands have better checks in place to make sure they are consistently producing quality products.
  • That's why testing is important. Having oils tested by a third-party (not just tested by the company that makes them) is important because you can be certain of exactly what's in the bottle.
2. Affordability
  • Let’s get real. We all live on a budget. Nobody can afford to spend their entire wage on essential oils, so we want a solution that is cost effective. Next to having a quality essential oil, affordability is the next thing I look for.
  • While there are some super cheap essential oils on the market, they aren't always quality. That doesn't mean you need to buy the most expensive oils on the market either. But you do have to be smart about balancing cost with quality.
  • If you're a regular essential oil user, be sure to check out what sorts of loyalty discounts a company offers. These can really add up to huge savings.
3. A company that offers great customer service and support
  • One of the big missions of my website is researched-based education, and the more I have learned about the benefits of essential oils, the more I wanted to share what I was learning with others.
  • But I’m also only one person, and there are some wonderful experts out there who know far more about essential oils than I ever could. One of my big reasons to want to partner with one company was the desire to really get to know the researchers in the industry.
  • Furthermore, a company that offers excellent customer service is worth paying a little extra for. We've all had experiences of spending an hour on the phone, never being able to actually talk to a person. Or feeling like even when you did get to talk to a person that they weren't answering your questions or helping you.

After a lot of research, I finally landed with a company I'm very proud to promote: dōTERRA®

Before you stop reading, take a moment and let me quickly explain a few misconceptions you might have (at least, I know I had them).

  • I thought doTERRA had inflated pricing. Not at all. (you'll read more about that below)
  • I thought if I signed up for a wholesale account with doTERRA, I'd be pressured to sell. That couldn't be further from the truth. 80% of the people who sign up to purchase wholesale oils don't sell the oils. But it is always an opportunity open to you if you decide you love oils and can't keep them to yourself.
  • I thought I'd have to purchase a lot of products I didn't need every month. Nope. There are not minimum purchases required to receive wholesale pricing.
So...Why DID I Chose dōTERRA?

1. Quality & Testing
  • The #1 reason I decided to go with dōTERRA is their dedication to quality and rigorous testing. The more I read about the quality of different oils the more they kept sticking out to me.
  • dōTERRA goes above and beyond with the testing of their oils. They have them tested by third parties to make sure their oils are not adulterated. They have a third party perform 7 tests on each liter of their oils—and those tests are repeated 3 times each!
  • In order to get the highest quality oils possible, they work directly with independent farmers, sourcing their oils from all over the world. This is important because qualities like soil and climate impact the chemical profile of essential oils. Most of the time, they need to source oils outside of the US. For example, lavender grown in the US will have a very different chemical profile (one much less therapeutic) than lavender grown in the Swiss Alps of France.
2. Cost
  • One of my misconceptions was that a big company like dōTERRA was too expensive.
  • But then I actually took the time to sit down for a few hours and do an oil-by-oil price comparison. I compared a couple smaller oil companies with dōTERRA prices, taking into account the yearly subscription fee. Because wholesale members get discounted prices, I was delighted to find the prices were comparable.
  • What's more, dōTERRA has some really cool ways they reward their loyal customers with free products and product credits. Eventually, if you place monthly order you can earn back as much as 30% of your money towards free products. That adds up fast. I earn lots of free oils each month!
3. Service and Support
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about dōTERRA's customer service. I have had to contact them a couple of times in my initial few months of buying from them—just because I'm a newbie and had newbie questions.
  • Recently I totally screwed up an order. I meant to take advantage of one of their buy 2 get 1 free sales, and I didn't add it to my cart correctly. When my order arrived, I realized what I did. It was 100% my fault for not paying attention. Guess what? They sent me the free oils anyhow. I love companies who go above and beyond for their customers!
  • They are absolutely amazing. I love their online chat feature I can use when logged into my account. I get answers to my questions STAT.
If you'd like to join as a wholesale member or are just interested in trying out one or two oils I'd love to talk more with you. Just email me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

PS: I'm running a special for those of you who are just getting started with essential oils. I'd love to bless you with some extra goodies to go along with your essential oils.

When you buy one of the doTERRA enrollment kits, I'll send you a few complimentary products that I've found useful in getting started. This will include several of the products that make using essential oils easy peasy as well as a reference book that will help you get off the ground using your oils! Because whats the point of oils if you don't know what to do with them?

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