Friday, August 18, 2017

Essential Oil Case Review

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This is the first essential oil case I ever bought. I love the color and the texture, a faux alligator pattern, on this case. This case holds 42 of the 15ml size bottles and 10 of the 5ml or roller bottle sized bottles, however the smaller slots do not hold the oils as tight as the 15ml slots.  The case has a hard cover, double zipper and foam inserts. My doTERRA bottles fit perfectly in this case and were well protected. There is a handle on the top of the case but I admittedly did not carry this case around by the handle often when it was full of oils because it could be quite heavy. It hasn't shown any signs of breaking but I didn't want to chance it. The only reason I changed cases is because I ran out of room with this case, but I do still use it on my dresser for my extra oils. It's a beautiful and functional case that I would recommend to anyone interested in it.

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